New book. New website.

MOON CHOSEN releases in just FOUR days! So, I figured my website needed a renovation. With an entirely new series, there ought to be an entirely new website. Dive into my worlds and discover new books you might not know exist.

The website is broken down so you can clearly follow which book belongs to which series, and all the books are in order! Now you never have to Google 'House of Night series order' ever again.

Each book is hand signed, and won't cost any more than what you would find in the bookstore. Actually, we often have sales and you can get them for even less. Plus, they're always signed! #winning

The new website features every book from every series:

  1. MOON CHOSEN - Tales of a New World
  2. House of Night series
  3. Goddess Summoning series
  4. Partholon series
  5. Apparel (get your House of Night goodies - like T-shirts and sweatshirts - from this section)
  6. AND Bargain Books (these are brand new books with slight damage to the cover and are sold at a discounted rate!)
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