Werewolf blog!

Hi All!
Working on this novella and writing a werewolf character for the first time has, naturally, made me think of some of my favorite werewolfs. In movies I remember seeing an erotic B film years ago (like in the 80s) where the hero was a wolf and he didn't actually kill the heroine (lots of Red Ridinghood references, though - it was set in the woods, etc.), but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the movie. I loved Jack Nicholson in Wolf. As for books...Donna Boyd's The Passion is my all time favorite. I hear Angela Knight's Master of the Moon is wonderful - and it's in by TBR stack. Here's an excerpt - sounds delicious. Excerpt:http://www.angelasknights.com/masterofthemoon.htm

How about you guys? What are your favorite werewolf movies and books?

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