I'm wading through the rewrite of Goddess of the Rose. Of course I always appreciate my fabulous editor's feedback, even though I dread rewrites. I mean, who doesn't? You turn in a ms and you think, FINISHED! But no. Sigh. In the middle of the rewrite you don't care that it's going to make it a substantially better book. You're just wishing you were really really done. Right? Right. So I'm working throught GotR and my mind's wandering...I'm restless...I'm picking at my fingernail polish... I realize it's because I want to move forward to my next writing project, but I can't until I finish the one I'm on. I can not write two books at the same time. Absolutely does not work for me. So to keep my creativity fueled I am, of course, reading. I just have a few pages left of Kushiel's Dart (Jeri - you were right - I love this book!). I've also been watching movies. Some, just for the special affects - like Constantine (more romance in that movie would have seriously helped it). Some for the sigh factor - like Under the Tuscan Sun. And some just because I love to torture myself - like Shadowlands (the one with Debra Winger and the incredible Anthony Hopkins).

I've also been considering a "field trip" to parts of Oklahoma that I love, like the Tallgrass Prairie, or the southeastern part of the state for a quick hiking trip to soak in the beauty of the land.

So what do you do to fuel your creativity?
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