Romance Interview!

Because I truly love my readers, I recently braved the hallows of mythological Atlantis where the gods’ hid their greatest mistakes – the vampires, demons, minotaurs, dragons, and too many others to name – to interview Darius en Kragin, the hero of HEART OF THE DRAGON (by the amazing and naughty Gena Showalter), who is the fiercest man/creature in all of Atlantis. He is the dragon king and his duty is to kill all humans who stray within his home’s borders. Thankfully, he let me live (clearly he has a weakness for redheads who have nice legs and good boobs) and answered my questions. Here’s what he had to say:

PC: Hello, Darius. So nice of you to agree to this interview instead of dismembering me. So, we’ve been talking about romantic gestures here on my blog. Please tell me what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a woman?

DeK: I did not kill Grace Carlyle when she entered my home.

PC: Oh! That’s, uh, interesting. Why ever not?

DeK: For three hundred years I have seen only black and white, smelled only ash, and tasted nothing. The moment I saw her, I saw colors, smelled decadent woman, and tasted her sweetness in my mouth.

PC: (dreamy sigh). Sweetness in my mouth...I like that...I like that a lot. Which, uh, leads me to my next insightful question: You're, well, mostly naked, so I couldn’t help but notice the dragon tattoo that covers most of your (delicious-looking) chest and (tight, hard) stomach. I bet women love to lick it - the tattoo, that is.

DeK: You are a bold, saucy woman PC Cast. You remind me of my Grace, for she shares your sentiment.

PC: Lucky woman. Okay. Now. You are a dragon. What exactly does that mean? You look human to me, albeit one of the sexiest humans I’ve ever seen, but still.

DeK: Dragons morph into their true form when they experience strong emotion. Our wings burst free, our claws elongate, and we breathe fire – a fire that heats a woman’s blood to a white-hot boil.

PC: Give me a moment to cool down, then we can discuss whether or not there are any bachelor dragons in your army.

DeK: (Darius’ chin cants to the side) I am sorry, but I must go. Grace has entered the palace and all this talk of fire and licking has giving me –

(Before he finishes, he’s gone.)

PC: Well, wasn't that an "interesting and informative" interview? To check out more of Darius, pick up a copy of Gena Showalter's HEART OF THE DRAGON, available September 1st. Thankfully, I've already ordered my own because apparently I need to do some more, uh, "research" here in Atlants...
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