Well, I'm swimming through the rewrite of Goddess of the Rose and working on sexual tension et all, I started thinking about plain old R.O.M.A.N.C.E. I consider myself a closet romantic. Really. I love creating it for fiction, but have only enjoyed snippets of it in Real Life. For example: Recently I dated a man who saved every wine cork from every bottle we shared. THAT was romantic. Too bad he turned out to be a turd. And once a man sent me a single red rose every day for a month. (Uh, he was really really really in trouble and the roses did not get him out of said trouble, but I appreciated the effort.) I think the most romantic thing that has ever actually happened to me was, ironically enough, a fluke of nature (okay, at the time I thought it was a sign from God that She wanted me to be with this man, but retrospect says FLUKE OF NATURE). This guy I was dating, let's call him The Professor, and I were driving back from a day of fun in the Ozark Mountains. It was dusk, and The Prof suddenly pulled over off the side of the road and pointed. Amazed, we parked there and watched this incredibly thick mist lift and swirl over the valley, and it seemed to be moving in time to the soundtrack he'd just put in the CD (to the movie The Hours). Naturally, we kissed (I will admit that The Prof could kiss) and it was like a scene from one of my books...well...only there was no HEA, but it was romantic and magical, albiet temporarily so!

So how about you guys?! Tell me what's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you!
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