Whew. It seems I've been waiting forever for the release of this book. Finally it's here. It should be available everywhere today, Feb 1st.'s where I need the help of my fans. As those of you who check my website know, Berkley moved the release of GotR up from April to March to Febuary. Well, seems there has been a kink caused by the movement. Without going into big, nasty detail it appears that not everyone got the word that I'm a Feb release. Which is bad...really, really bad. So the only way to fix this and save this fabulous book is for you guys to GO TO A CHAIN BOOKSTORE (live or via the internet) AND BUY THE BOOK. Quickly. So my numbers look good fast and they reprint and reoffer the book around the table with the buyers. I do promise you that you'll love it. Promise. Really.

Here's the amazing cover and a teaser:

Goddess of the Rose is a delicious retelling of Beauty and the Beast – with a modern, adult slant. Micki (named after the Mikado Rose) and all the women in her family have a special affinity for roses – their blood, diluted in water and applied during the night of a new moon, makes roses grow spectacularly. What the women don’t know is that they have this ability because they are descendants of a High Priestess of the Goddess Hecate. Hecate is Goddess of Night, Magick, the Crossroads of Man, and of Beasts. She is also the proctrectess of The Realm of the Rose – the place wherein all dreams and magick originate. This realm is guarded diligently by The Guardian, a creature on which the myth of the Minotaur was based. The Guardian swore himself into Hecate’s service for eternity, and in return the Goddess gifted him with the heart and soul of a man, even though he has the body of a beast. But all is not well in The Realm of the Rose. Centuries ago the Guardian made a terrible mistake, arousing the Goddess’s wrath to such an extent that she bespelled him and the realm. Hecate swore that they would sleep eternally unless the Beast was awakened by a woman who carried the magickal blood of Hecate’s priestess, and was wise enough to see the truth, and compassionate enough to act upon it.

Micki does awaken the Guardian and he abducts her to The Realm of the Rose thinking that her presence will automatically break the curse placed on the realm and set things to right, but modern woman Micki is a very unexpected kind of High Priestess, and there are forces at work within the realm, both of love and of hatred, that might change the shape of mankind's dreams and magick for all of eternity unless Micki is brave enough to make the ultimate sacrifice…

Please join me in this sensual retelling of my favorite fairytale, GODDESS OF THE ROSE, available NOW!

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