Valentine's Day...romance or...or...retching? I started writing my next Goddess Summoning Book. It'll be the 5th one in the series, and it's titled GODDESS OF LOVE. I thought it was appropriate to literally begin it on Valentine's Day. I mean, please. Valentine's Day = Romance. Right? Well...Okay, I'm not complaining but currently I'm BM. No, that doesn't mean bowl movement. That means I'm - for the moment - Between Men. (Unfortunately I don't mean that literally. Talk about an interesting Valentine's Day...) Anyway, I got a lovely flower from one of my favorite students. Yep. A 16 year old. Uh, no. That really doesn't count as a romantic present - sweet, but NOT romantic. What would I really like today?? I browsed for a while and found the perfect gift for a woman BM - BATMAN! Yes yes yes. I do have a soft spot (actually, several of them) for The Dark Knight.

But, seriously (not that I'm not serious about Batman). What did y'all get for V Day? Was it romance or retching?

Back to GODDESS OF LOVE. Yes, I can appreciate the irony.
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