Still Reigning as Lucky Cover Bitch

The Smart Bitches at Smart Bitches Trashy Books dubbed me Lucky Cover Bitch. Naturally, I love it. I'm not shy or modest about much of anything, especially not about my amazing covers. I have excellent cover chi, which is more proof to me that God is a girl.

So I thought I'd share with you the incredibly covers for my next two LUNA books. First, DIVINE BY MISTAKE, which is the much anticipated LUNA edition of GODDESS BY MISTAKE. It'll be released in September. For those of you who have read GbM - what do you think of the artist's rendition of Shannon? I adore it! And the background and dias are especially fantastic! But much as I love DbM, I've been impatiently waiting to see its sequel, DIVINE BY CHOICE, in print for almost 5 years, and the cover did not disappoint me. Check it out! (Sorry, when I uploaded them to the blog their order is reversed...I'm kinda the computer impaired so please bear with me.

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