My lovely friend Jill Monroe (ur...she's nasty)

I'll just "out" her. Jill Monroe looks like a kindergarten teacher, but she's really a very naughty girl. And here's my evidence: her latest book. The girl writes very hot stuff. Check her out. Above you'll find the lovely cover. I especially like the fan because I can't sleep without one, so fans always conjour images of bed and night, steamy monkey sex.

Here's the rest of the pertinent info about her book. Please buy it. She has small children she must feed.

Hannah Garrett has always felt safe in the dark. It meant she never had to show people the truth. On the run from a man who wants to kill her, Hannah's learned to keep to herself and not get attached....Until she meets Ward Coleman.Being around her sexy coworker has awakened a need she'd forgotten — and it's not just this heat wave that has Hannah hot and bothered. But she can't afford to get too close, especially when she's not sure she can trust him.What she doesn't know is that Ward is on to her and is determined to learn her secrets. And getting caught in a hot, dark elevator is the best place to find out all this undercover FBI agent needs to know.

Romantic Times called Share The Darkness a "great read" and gave it 4 Stars. You can pick up your copy from Barnes&Noble, eHarlequin and Books A Million
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