So last night my daughter and I went to the opening of SUPERMAN RETURNS. Yes, we were wearing matching pink tee-shirts with the massive Superman S in pink sequins across our bosoms. Uh, no. We weren't the only ones "dressed up." Please. It was opening night. We saw capes. (hee hee) Actually, we loved the dorky audience who cheered and cried and generally made merry.

Okay - let me just be very clear. THE NEW SUPERMAN IS FABULOUS!! The guy is hawt hawt hawt. Yes, he did remind me freakishly of Chris Reeve, but it felt like a good thing. A tribute. Yet scrumptious Brandon Routh gave us just enough of his own Superman to have his role be unique. Man, talk about an angsty hero. (romantic sigh) The only thing that can knock the shit outta him worse than Kryptonite (sp??) is Lois Lane. The sexual tension between them was lovely, though I would have liked to have had this played up more. Clearly they need a good romance author on staff...(HELL YES I VOLUNTEER!) Anyway, it's set up for a sequel. I'll be there on opening night again. Promise.

Oh, the violence level might be too much for kids under 10 or so. I'd leave the kiddies at home.

Let me know what y'all think after you see it!

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