Sushi and vampires?

Okay, two things. First, I am reading a really excellent book, TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer. It's a vampire YA, and the (young) author's first book. I bought it in hardback because several of my high school students recommended it and I wanted to see what the buzz was about. Plus, you know my daughter and I are writing a YA vamp series for St. Martin's. So naturally I was curious. Kristin and I just finished the rewrites on the 1st book, so I decided to start TWILIGHT. I absolutely can not keep my face out of the book! The setting is multi-layered - the characters are well drawn - and Meyer's take on vampires is interesting.

So I take TWILIGHT to dinner with me last night (because my sissy brother refuses to eat sushi and my girlfriends were all busy), and I have to admit it - I pigged out totally on sushi and drank two orders of fabulous Pearl sake because I could not stop reading that damn book! I just kept ordering and ordering and eating and drinking and reading. Jeesh.

So I say buy this book - but it should come with a food and drink warning...

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