Yes, I'm a dork...

Yes. I'm going to totally admit it. I'm dorkishly in love with Superman. Have been since I read my way through the mounds of comics in our next door neighbor's rec room in like 1970 (Explanation: I have 2 younger brothers. Tragically, we lived in the country where the only acceptable neighbor within walking distance had 4 more boys and 1 girl. The girl and I were sadly out numbered - although to this day I still have the hots for Sean Freeman Georges who was my favorite of the brothers. Damn, he grew up to be hawt! But that's another topic...) Anyway, they had piles of "guy" comics, which I adored. Superman, Batman, Thor, Swamp Thing, The Fantastic Four...the list goes on and on. So I started my love affair with Superman (about the same time I started my adoration for Sexy Sean) when I was 10-ish. Chris Reeve was The Perfect Superman, both on and off screen. He's going to be a hard act to follow. But I'm willing to give this new guy a chance.

What do y'all think??
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