According to the ALA (American Library Association) and the Office for Intellectual Freedom, Sept 29 - Oct 6 is the 26th anniversary of Banned Books Week. Check out the list of the 100 most frequently challenged books:


Yes, I do aspire to join that list.

I am passionate about the individual's right to read and write what he or she chooses. As the fabulous Ray Bradbury said in one of my all time favorite books, FAHRENHEIT 451, "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them."

So, ready for some irony? Next week (during Banned Books Week) is the launch of BETRAYED, the second in the young adult House of Night series I co-author with my daughter. We're having the launch party at The Blend, a locally owned coffee shop in downtown Broken Arrow. Yesterday I dropped off a poster and a book to the lovely owner of the shop, Sheri. She said, "You would not believe the phone call I just had." And proceeded to tell me about an asshat man who called and felt the need to inform her that she should know P.C. Cast writes "soft porn" (huh? really?). Lovely Sheri asked if he'd ever read any of my books. As per typical for those kind of people, he hadn't, but he'd been to my website. (again, huh? my website is soft porn?) Sadly, Sheri actually tried to reason with him and explain that I don't write "soft porn," but that my books with adult sexual content are written for ADULTS. My YA books are a whole different world. Again, as per typical, he made a threat about telling people what kind of place she was running...bluster...bully...blah...blah... Sheri hung up on him (obviously not soon enough).

MR. ASSHAT - IF YOU'RE SKULKING ABOUT ON MY BLOG, GET THIS - THIS IS AMERICA AND YOU DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE FOR US WHAT WE READ AND WRITE, AND WHAT OUR CHILDREN READ AND WRITE. IT'S AN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY WORK (or don't think you do, you can't actually have an informed opinion unless you READ what you're trying to ban others from reading) DON'T BUY IT.

As for me - I open every school year teaching TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD to my sophomores. Please note it's on the banned books list.
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