Sad News

A very dear friend of mine just shared with me that her 14 year old dog - an amazingly huge, fabulous lab mix, died in her arms yesterday. Vernon Mooseburger was a great dog and he will be missed badly by my girlfriend's family and by us - her extended family. It reminded me to give my "kids," my two wonderful Scottie dogs, extra hugs and kisses today. Please do the same with your 4-legged kids, too. They are with us for too few years.

This is Cameron - better known as Cammyman. He's a Wheaton Scottie.

Yes, he does resemble a Twinkie.

And this is Chloe, or Chlo-chlo-ba-bo (some of you will recognize her from GODDESS OF LOVE - yes, she does believe she's a cat).
She doesn't like to get her picture taken, so it's tough to get a decent shot of her. You'll have to take my word for the fact that she's really a very pretty black brindle Scottie.

Feel free to tell me about your fabulous doginators (or catinators)! Let's give our pets some extra love today in memory of Vernon!