Shawnee's Red Dirt Festival

Last weekend Kristin and I drove to Shawnee Oklahoma to teach a workshop together at their Red Dirt Festival (yes, there's lots of red dirt there - hence the name of the festival). It was also the weekend of Kristin's 21st birthday and we definitely had a good ol' time!
Here we have me being a diva after our lovely workshop.

And here's Kristin mugging for the camera after our workshop.

And the veiw from our hotel room (hee hees).

On our way back to Tulsa we went through a little town called Prague, Oklahoma. Okay, no joke, it's the site of the shrine of the Infant Baby Jesus of Prague. Naturally, Kristin and I had to stop and take pictures with the baby Jesus!

We even left money (please note my hands leaving the baby Jesus a quarter from each of us):

And then we came home! Thanks to everyone in Shawnee who put together such a nice festival - the weather was beautiful, there was a nice crowd, and, as per usual, our workshop was ab fab!
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