Ooooh! Check it out!

Lovely Berkley, long time publisher of my Goddess Summoning Books, has decided to reissue all of my back list in trade paperback with amazing new covers! I'm very excited because I know many of you have had trouble finding these books, and now they will be much more widely available. GODDESS OF THE SEA is the first of them, release date October 2nd. I think this is a great intro to my Goddess Summoning Books, especially for the readers of my HOUSE OF NIGHT series, because the heroine, Christine Canady, is the youngest of all of my heroines.

GODDESS OF THE SEA is a cool retelling of the Undine mermaid myth, which is the myth on which Hans Christian Anderson based his LITTLE MERMAID. For those of you familiar with my writing you'll know that 1) MY story will be retold with a strong matriarchal slant. In other words it'll have some serious Girl Power, and 2) my story will have a happy ending. Promise.

Oh, and the hero is a delicious merman!

Look for GODDESS OF SPRING in November - GODDESS OF LIGHT in December - and GODDESS OF THE ROSE in January. Enjoy!
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