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Just a quick post about BREAKING DAWN so in one place I can answer questions I have already been asked several times.

1) No, I haven't read BREAKING DAWN yet. Yes, I have read the other three TWILIGHT series books, but I'm in the middle of writing my 2009 Goddess Summoning Book (GODDESS OF CAMELOT), and my outside reading time is at a premium right now. I will read it, though, as soon as I get enough of my own book written.

2) Yes, there is a lot I like about the TWILIGHT series. There are also things I do not like about it, but I can say that about many books I read - even some of my favorite books.

3) No, I'm not going to expound on what I don't like about the series, even after I read BREAKING DAWN. I'm not a book reviewer or a book critic. I'm an author. And I have always thought it sets up bad Karma for one author to bash another's work.

4) Which brings me to my major point - I hope, no matter how rabid your feelings are about how Ms. Meyer concluded her series, that you remember there is a difference between debating the merits of a book, its plot, characterization, world building, conclusion, etc., and attacking the book's author. Or, more simply put: nasty things you do and say tend to come around and bite you in your own butt.

Now, back to GODDESS OF CAMELOT...

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