Your Questions Answered #3

First, I want to reiterate that I’m under a very tight deadline right now, at the end of writing TEMPTED (which is a seriously good book!), AND I have construction going on in my home. In other words, I’m stressed. So if you don’t find your answer in this particular blog entry, scroll down and look through my archives. If you STILL can’t find your answer, then email me. I won’t respond personally, but I will probably use your question as the basis of a blog post. Please understand that my goal here is to slow down the deluge of emails I get so that I can finish TEMPTED on time. This goes for my facebook and myspace, too. This is basically the only place I’m posting until early June.

Okay, batch #3 of questions:

QUESTION: So, what’s going to happen with Erik and Zoey? And is Stark going to be in the rest of them? What’s up with Stevie Rae?

PC’s ANSWER: I’m not going to give away plot points, so please don’t email me with “what’s going to happen” questions. You’ll just have to wait along with me because sometimes things happen in the HoN world that surprise even the author.

QUESTION: I have a cool idea about what should happen in TEMPTED (or any of the next books). Would you email me so I can tell you about it?

PC’S ANSWER: No. I have more ideas of my own that I can possibly write in one lifetime. Plus, if I used your ideas about my world, then it wouldn’t be my world anymore. And here’s another great opportunity to mention how annoying fanfic is to me. If you want to be a writer, then you make up YOUR OWN WORLD and write in it. My world is copyrighted as MINE. Please, just leave it to me.

QUESTION: I have this book that I want to write and it’s about: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(insert long paragraph and/or attachment).
Could you help tell me how to write it? OR Could you tell me if it’s any good?

PC’s ANSWER: First, please don’t send your writing to people who have not asked to read it. It’s not polite. Second, I cannot get you published, so even if I were to read your ideas (which I don’t have time to do, so I won’t do), my opinion doesn’t mean anything. Third, if you want my advice for aspiring authors then check out the archive post in this blog in which I deal in depth about the subject.

QUESTION: I live in _________________(insert your city), and you never come here. Do you hate us? Would you please come here?

PC’s ANSWER: Authors don’t get to pick where we go on our book tours. Our publishers send us to different cities and countries. Their choices are dependent upon many factors, such as: volume of sales in the area, fan enthusiasm, bookstore locations and availability. Kristin and I don’t include or exclude locations; we don’t choose. If we did, I can promise you we’d be in : Australia, San Francisco, Japan, Italy, Chicago, New York City, Seattle (we’ve never been to the upper northwest and I’m dying to go), Alaska…the list goes on and on. Oh, and right now we’re not going anywhere. I’m writing. Then Kristin will be going through the manuscript. Then we’ll be turning it in and she’ll be taking semester finals. THEN WE’RE GOING ON VACATION.

Back to writing…

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