Back from NYC...

Well, we're back from GMA and a fun Borders interview at BEA in NYC. The picture is from our last day in the city, after our Borders interview. We got to take off and SHOP! It was a gorgeous day - perfect weather. We had a bike guy take us back to our hotel, and when he dropped us off he told us his bike was brand new! We were his very first customers, so we had him take a picture to commemorate the event. The bike guys are so much more fun than cabs!

The rewrite of TEMPTED is almost finished, and then I'll be working on the text part of the illustrated FLEDGLING HANDBOOK. More on that later...

Those of you in the Oklahoma City area check out ABC on June 29th. I'm not sure what time, but the program is called "Believe in Oklahoma." They were just here interviewing us - such a nice group. I'll try to post a link after it airs.

Wishing y'all happy reading and lovely summer weather,
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