A cover I CAN show you!

I know you guys are anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the cover of TEMPTED, which my wonderful publisher is keeping Top Secret until later this summer. So when my editor at Harlequin sent me the final cover for my early October Nocturne release, THE AVENGER, I thought I'd post it right away!

It's a cool time travel story with most of the action set in Briton in 60 AD, and Boudica is an important secondary character. Interestingly enough, in the House of Night world's history I have Boudica's two teenage daughters being Marked and going through the Change - and during that time they found the Dark Daughters.

Oh, a ratings warning: THE AVENGER is not young adult. I'd give it an R rating for violence and sex. So if your parents won't let you see R rated movies this book isn't for you.

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