Street Cats Tulsa!

To carry on with the What Should Be On My Website But Isn't While It's Under Construction theme, I wanted to blog about one of my favorite local charities, the fabulous Street Cats. Yes, they are the Street Cats mentioned many times in the HoN books. Yes, the place I describe is the real building (pictured below). Yes, the women who volunteer to run it are WONDERFUL; Kristin and I heart them. The real Nala was adopted from Street Cats. Okay, no, they aren't nuns. But still.

In case you'd like to check them out, their website is, and email contact information is They always appreciate donations, and there are always super cool cats waiting to be adopted. So if you're looking for a cat...

Kristin and I give a big "well done you!" to our Street Cats buddies.

p.s. Speaking of cats - thought you guys would like to see my horrid monster, Patchy Poo the Pud. He's a magnificent beast and I heart him completely!
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