Home to Tulsa!

In about half an hour the car will be here to load up our copious bags (that have grown in the past two weeks!) and take us to the airport. We'll be in T-Town late tonight. It'll be nice be home - my Scotties and my horrible cat are missing me, as are Kristin's two beasts/dogs, but it does make me sad to say goodbye to the UK. Yesterday one of my new friends said, "I'm glad you're leaving." It hurt my heart and I just kinda said, "Um, you're glad?" My friend smiled and said, "Yes, that means it's sooner to the day you'll return." What a lovely way to look at saying goodbye!

So to all our UK fans and friends we say we're looking forward to the day we return! Thank you for your love, loyalty, and hospitality.

And as you would say:

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