Ramsgate Event!

We had a lovely event today at beautiful Ramsgate library. The fans were great and asked excellent questions. I had an excellent time, even though Kristin had to stay back in London because she got nastily sick after eating something at dinner the night before. So I had to answer questions for her - which she LOVES (not)! After the signing several of us went down to the wharf, sat outside, and ate delicious fish and chips. Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but check this out. YUM!

And the wharf area:

Sorry, not a very good picture, and doesn't do justice to the beautiful day.

Tomorrow Kristin and I visit Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter, and Saturday we head back to the states. We will definitely miss the UK! But I'll be back soon to finish research in the Highlands, as Zoey and the gang will be going there.

Hey! It's getting a lot closer to October!!

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