Thanks to everyone for being so patient. We had to collect permission to post letters, and then deal with jet lag from our fabulous UK tour. But now all is well (and I'm looking forward to doing more research in Scotland next month!). We had about 150 entries, and it was really tough to narrow it down to the top five. Y'all did some excellent work! Winners: well done you! My PA will be sending prizes out in the next couple weeks. Please email Camden and let her know when you've received them.
So here are your three winners and two honorable mentions:

Honorable Mention is by Carla Kennedy who lives in Ireland (this is obviously not Carla, but her boyfriend):

Honorable Mention is by Jennifer Hewitson from the UK:

Our third place winner went to the lovely Amy Carlson who lives in Mississippi:

Second place is awarded to the beautiful Poppy Jennings from the UK:

And finally our first place winner! Can you believe our her name is Zoey Mitchell (no, we didn't know her name when Kristin and I chose her)! She is also from the UK. Well done Zoey!

Congratulations to all!

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