CW interview, etc.

Hi guys!
Thought you'd like to check out this interview from the CW. We had a great time taping it - they're lots of fun at the CW! Right now we're in Seattle. Just had a fabulous event at a very cool bookstore called Third Place Books. Thanks to everyone who came out to meet us!

Oh, and AGAIN - I'm not going to post any spoilers about TEMPTED. So if you're wondering why your blog post isn't showing up it's because it's wayyyy too early to talk about what happened in the end. And the very silly rumor about Zoey being killed off is just that: a very silly rumor. SHE IS NOT DEAD. Jessh.

Off to San Francisco tomorrow. Hope I see a bunch of y'all at the Halloween party hosted by Books, Inc., in Palo Alto.

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