Into my writing cave...

Okay guys - tour is over (yea for the 500+ fans who came out to show us lurve in Tulsa today! We heart our hometown fans!!!) and now I'm going to retreat to my writing cave, better known as the Highlands of Scotland, and work on BURNED. So I won't be posting for a few weeks. My website,, will be live soon - and that should be super cool. Camden and/or Kristin will be positing the winners of our art contest as soon as Kristin recovers from tour exhaustion. And I'll be back on line some time in December.

While you're waiting for BURNED (release date of May 27th), check out my newest YA, ELPHAME'S CHOICE, and (if you can watch R rated movies) my adult books which are listed in the archives here and on my website.

I'll miss y'all and be back as soon as I get a bunch of writing done! Thank you for your support and lurve.

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