Back in the US!

Hi Guys!
Well, I've returned to beautiful, sunny, but cold Oklahoma. My Scotties mauled me, but now aren't speaking to me. My cat, Patchy Poo the Pud, is disdainful and actually being nice to Kristin (who he's hated for more than a decade) just to show how annoyed he is at me.

Of course I'm already missing Scotland! But I'm a lucky woman to have two countries I love so much. Speaking of - here's a picture right out the back door of the cottage I stayed at. This is what it looked like for, oh, about five minutes:

This is what it looked like for the rest of the time (when I could actually take a picture through the rain). SERIOUSLY. It rained for almost three weeks. Sigh. But it was good for writing.

I did go to Dublin for a couple days (loved it!). Popped into this great bookstore and signed stock:

Then I got my amazing tattoo from incredibly talented Alan who owns the Art House Tattoo Studio in Monaghan. No, I'm NOT showing you a picture of it on my body (jeesh, nosy people!), but this is the gorgeous sketch Alan did of it. Yes, it's a great big bull with a goddess within it. Oh, and it's on my thigh.

Okay, back to working hard on BURNED now. Looks like the release date will be April 27th, if I get it in on time. Wish me luck!

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