Happy Full Moon New Year!

Tonight the full moon ushers in the new year! What a wonderful omen! A full moon is an excellent time for completion. I love to finish projects on the night of a full moon, whether they're small, like cleaning a closet (ugh), or major like typing "the end" on a manuscript. Sadly, I won't be finishing BURNED tonight, but I am working on completing a major scene. And there's always a closet that needs cleaning...

Here's hoping the close of this year brings a sense of completion to you, and also an excitement for adventures to come!

This lovely painting is called FULL MOON DANCER and it's by my good friend Allie Jensen (I own the original, and it's even more beautiful in person!). Allie's website is www.alliej.com. Please respect that this piece of art is copyrighted, which means if you'd like to post it you need permission from Allie to do so.

Happy New Year!
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