As you guys know I'm working working working on BURNED so that it can make the release date of April 27th (stressssss), and I'm really not giving interviews right now, BUT when OKLAHOMA TODAY contacted me, well, I had to say yes. Cool home state magazine - absolutely! So first they sent over the photographer, Evan Taylor, and even I had fun during the photo session (I hate to get my picture taken. Seriously.) I'll post some of the pics he took when he gives me the okay. Oh, and for you Okies, the interview will be in one of the spring issues, probably right around the release date of BURNED. But check this out - Evan gave Kristin and me his business cards, and on the back of each of them he has printed different mustaches! That you can stick on your lip and act goofy about! Naturally, Kristin and I had to play and take pictures ourselves. So, see, even while I'm in my writing cave I still have SOME fun!

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