Tour Silliness!

At the Tulsa signing (Kristin hiding behind BURNED. I'm taking the picture.
Jaclyn and and Kristin (not MY Kristin) in shirts they made! In Victoria, Canada, eh!
Cutie Avril in Victoria!

We had a great time on tour! Portland was lovely (oooh! shopping!). We stayed at The Nines hotel downtown. It was wonderful!!! And the Farmers' Market restaurant was To Die For.
Vancouver was great, too, and it was during our event (in a church - I worried about lightning strikes) that a very knowledgeable kid told Kristin and me about the buffet ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. As we were heading to Victoria the next day, we held a mini-Cast rebellion, went AWOL from the 6:00 am plane flight, and took the super cool ferry whilst we grazed through the buffet and gazed at the beautiful scenery. Below is video proof. Nope, I don't know why the dang thing turns sideways...
So now we're home for a little while. Off to the Books & Books on Grand Cayman Island May 15th.

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