Well, I'm home in Tulsa (the view out of my front door) working like crazy on AWAKENED! Yes, it'll be released January 4th. No, I can't write any faster - just thinking about my due date makes me want to run shrieking down that lane!

I don't have any firm movie update, though I am excited about the direction my producer is taking and hope to have good news for all of you soon soon soon!

No (again) I don't have casting call news. No (again) I don't have a clue when a movie will be released. Uh, it's not filmed yet. Yes (again) I'll post news here as I get it. If I haven't posted the answers to your movie questions it's either: 1) because I don't know them, or 2) have already answered them in a previous post.

I should have some fun FLEDGLING HANDBOOK sneak peeks for you soon! Oh, and I do know it'll be released in the UK/Australia/New Zealand in October, too!

UK folks - sadly, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to tour in the next couple months like I was hoping to. I really have to focus on getting AWAKENED finished. You want me to finish it, right? Right? Sorry, I'm really missing the Highlands, especially 'cause it was 107 degrees Fahrenheit today in Tulsa. NO JOKE. It's too hot to breathe...

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