It gets better!

Hi Guys,
The lovely people at have designated today, Oct 20th, as Spirit Day in acknowledgment of the recent tragic suicides of young gay kids, and ask that you wear purple in support of LGBT youth (you can go to their website for lots more info).

We should not be defined by our sexual orientation. Period.

I'd like you to consider taking a moment today not simply to wear purple and put on the trappings of love and equality. Could each of you please pause to consider the importance of living a life of integrity? If your life has integrity and if you live respecting the world and those around you, then what follows will be more than just a one day of a show of support for LGBT youth. Straight kids: I'd like to ask you to take a stand and show personal integrity. Don't tolerate the bullying of others. Don't laugh at jokes that degrade people. Don't stand silently in the background while another's words and/or actions hurt people. Stand Up. Don't allow Darkness to win, in whatever guise it cloaks itself: religious intolerance, social fear, hazing, or simply bad damn taste and ignorance. As Erik says in AWAKENED, "...what if all the good folks leave and evil gets bored playing all by itself and goes home, too?" I think Erik may have a point. Stand up to Darkness - if that means walking away from certain "friends," then do it. Don't give bullies an audience, whether it's on the internet or in person. Oh, and when you walk away - take the kid being bullied with you. Believe me, he/she will be a lot more fun to hang out with than the jerks who are bullies.

Gay kids: it gets better. I promise. And I heart your bravery.

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