Magickal Book!

As y'all know, I've finished AWAKENED. That means I'm in the middle of the production process and awaiting copy edits. That also means I GET TO READ AGAIN!! I'm a total bookaholic, but when I'm under heavy deadline I don't have time to read; I just write. So it's a real treat for me to put my face (or my ears) back into books. While you're waiting for January 4th and the release of AWAKENED, I thought it'd be fun to share fabulous book discoveries with you. Here's the first:
Nancy Pickard's THE SCENT OF RAIN AND LIGHTNING. Oh. My. Goddess. I started listening to this book in audio in my car. Today I literally sat outside my house for ten minutes before I could force myself to turn off the CD. If I hadn't been 30 minutes from the nearest bookstore, and hadn't been totally loving the reader of this book (so I want to hear her finish it!) I would have turned around and bought the dang thing so I could curl up with it tonight.

Guys, I don't know Ms. Pickard, but her prose is so evocative and lovely that I'm totally in love with her! She's literary, with spice (no, this isn't for young teens - I'd say 16 and above unless you're precocious). Her writing is smart. Her characterization is wonderous - especially the characterization of her male leads. And I'm totally drawn into her plot. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

My recommendation: don't walk. RUN out to buy this book. Then post here and we'll talk about how wonderful it was!

Happy reading,
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