Cool Girlfriend Release!

I have a group of amazing friends, for which I am very grateful. They're talented, funny, and interesting. Among my friends is the fabulous intuitive, Colette Baron-Reid. She and I have been buddies since she read my very first book (DIVINE BY MISTAKE, originally published as GODDESS BY MISTAKE). Well, not only is she a good friend and an excellent intuitive counselor, but she's also a well published author. Her current release looks fascinating. I'll be picking it up as soon as I can get myself to the 21st Street Borders in Tulsa. It's called THE MAP (pictured above), FINDING THE MAGIC AND MEANING IN THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. I know for a fact Colette is magical - she predicted the success of the HoN before I'd written the books! (As a side note, she tells me that my success will move to film - and I'm believing her!)

In honor of the release of THE MAP, Colette is hosting a great giveaway. You can find out more info at

Also, check out Colette's WISDOM OF AVALON oracle cards (easy to find on Amazon or B&N or Borders sites). I have a pack, and I love them!

Here's wishing Colette a magical launch!

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