So y'all already saw my wheaton colored Scottie, Cammy. Now Chloe and Cul want their turns! Chloe (also know as the Sapulpa Assassin) is my black brindle Scottie who is Boss of Everything. Cul, or if you want to be formal Cuchulain. He's just a puppy - only seven months old. He's a greyhound/deer hound mix. Chloe, Cammy, and Cul have epic mock dog fights, which Chloe always, always wins. Check out her Scottie sneak attack! (No, nae duggies got hurt!)

Next up: a burro! What? A burro at the Cast Ranch? Yep. I'll have to figure out some way to write him into the HoN...hum...

Back to writing...with or without burros!

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