Hi Guys,
Just coming up for air as I head into the climactic scene of DESTINED because I wanted to let y'all know the release date has been moved up to OCTOBER 25th! Oh boy! Yea for you guys - holy crap for me.

Oh, this is a pic of the "real" HoN. It's a lot prettier than this right now, as everything is green here in T-Town. I'll have to go by and take a more recent picture for y'all. Till then - happy reading!

Speaking of reading - have you guys read the George RR Martin books the HBO series GAME OF THRONES is based on? TOTAL ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS! While you're waiting for the next HoN, check them out. Wow, what a fabulous author!

Back to work for me...
p.s. NO, I don't have a clue about our tour schedule yet. I'm still trying to get the book done... (Just as a shout out to our Canadian fans: Kristin and I would LOVE it if we could revisit Victoria this tour! Oooh! The brunch ferry from Vancouver! Yum.)
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