ComicCon Announcement!

Oooh! Sooooo, check this out: Kristin and I have teamed with the amazing comic publisher, Dark Horse! Starting in November of this year, the first of five House of Night comics will be released! There will also be a graphic novel collectable of all five comics! The stories will begin between MARKED and BETRAYED and weave ancient vampyre stories into modern day House of Night action! The amazing screenwriter, Kent Dalian, is adapting the stories to comics - AND YOU WILL JUST DIE WHEN YOU SEE THE ART! Joelle Jones is doing all the modern day stuff. She is awesome!

The Big Announcement was made by Dark Horse last night when they uncovered a massive wall with art from their three new series: House of Night, and Orchid (by Tom Morello), and Strain (by the super incredible Guillermo del Toro). The three of us did a panel today at ComicCon, which was totally fun!

Can't wait for you guys to see these comics! Ooooh!
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