The first HoN comic! Oh boy!

Oooh! So, here's the cover of the first HoN comic! It's the one with the forest cats and Zoey! It'll go on sale November 9th, and Dark Horse (my awesome comic publisher) is selling this first one FOR $1.00! Seriously! It's the first of five comics, which will release one right after another monthly. They're set between the first few books. You get Z and the early nerd herd, and you also get ancient vampyre stories woven within the modern story.

Also, here's a cool close-up of Zoey from the big announcement poster Dark Horse did at ComicCon. I think the artist did an amazing job!


*Additional note: The comics will be available in all stores that carry comic books in the US, UK, and Canada. In order to be sure they get the very first issue fans need to go to their local store and ask to pre-order (for $1.00!) the HOUSE OF NIGHT issue #1, on sale November 9th. Can't wait to hear what you guys think!
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