LIve Stream Event for DESTINED!

Okay, the venue is the Mont Clair Art Museum, 3 South Mountain Ave., Mont Clair, NJ 07042. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. We speak at 7:30.

Here's more info:

The House of Night Facebook page has announced Destined: A House of Night Event.

This event will be an online chat between P.C. and Kristin Cast and fans around the world. Fans are asked to submit questions for the event and watch to see if their questions get answered. Questions can be submitted to

The event will be taking place on November 2, 2011 from 7:30-8:30 PM EST. On the facebook event page we have a list of ways you can watch. You could watch on Facebook, Ustream or even on your iPhone or Android device via Ustream.

Can't make it during those times? Don't worry, you can actually watch the even after it has taken place.

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I'll let y'all know more info as I get it. Oh, also just 'cause I know some of you guys are super curious - the reason we're not touring for this book is because it's too close to Kristin's wedding, and also because of my tight deadline schedule this year. But, oh baby, I wish we were able to return to some of our favorite places like Victoria and San Francisco and Portland and Chicago and Austin and our second home on Grand Cayman (just to name a few). We miss you guys!

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