Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards!

I am so excited about this collaboration between my good friend the intuitive, Colette Baron-Reid, and me! I've been a big fan of Colette's oracle cards for years (I use her Wisdom of Avalon cards often!), and teaming with her to bring to life an oracle for Nyx and the House of Night was fun and interesting. I think we've created a beautiful deck of cards and an oracle that works and is full of positive, loving energy! They come in a box, with an explanatory story and guidelines for using them (it's simple!). Oooh, and check it out! Kristin and I both got to have cards based on us! The WISDOM OF THE HOUSE OF NIGHT ORACLE CARDS will be available October 2nd, and should be everywhere (Amazon, B&N, local bookstores, etc.). Sorry, I don't know what the foreign release schedule will be yet! Enjoy this sneak peek at the Confidence card and the Individuality card. Hum...familiar faces... XXXOOO PC
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