A New Girl!

Hi Guys, Longtime fans know that I've had two Scottie dogs FOREVER. The fabulous Cammyman - my Wheaton Scottie who loves the camera and the ocean and "helps" me write all my books. You can check out the Cammy Cam in my archives. (In the HON series he's Damien's cat!) My other Scottie was less photogenic but equally wonderful. Her name was Chloe Cast, better known as Clo-clo-ba-bo. Tragically, my precious girl died unexpectedly in February. Following HoN tradition, I turned Chloe into a vampyre's cat and immortalized her in REVEALED. Yes, you'll need major Kleenexes to read that part - I certainly did to write it! She also has a major character role in one of my Goddess Summoning Books, GODDESS OF LOVE. Yes! Chloe did think she was a cat! And a lovely cat at that... Recently Cammyman and I decided we were ready to welcome another Scottie into our lives! So, I'd like to officially introduce my readers and friends to Claire Bear! She found her forever home with us yesterday. She seems more photogenic than Chloe, so you may be seeing a Claire Cam as well as a Cammy Cam in the future. Sending out love and light to all of you who have lost a beloved pet... PC
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