Cayman house open for your vacay! Oooooh!

As longtime fans know, I consider Grand Cayman Island a second home. Kristin and I have been going there for twenty years - back when we had to save our pennies to share a tiny hotel room for 4 days and eat sandwiches from Hurley's (Cayman grocery store). As the years passed, I purchased a lovely home on the beach in Cayman, and since then have spent lots of time there. I've been trying to remember how many books I finished while I was looking out at the turquoise Caribbean (and watching Cammy trying to swim to Jamaica), and I think the number is four! Anyway, I've been so busy that I don't get to Cayman as much as I would like to, so recently I decided to open my amazing home as a vacation rental. You guys can check it out through the Facebook link,, as well as through the AIRBNB link: If any of y'all go there for your holiday, post pictures! And enjoy - it's a paradise! Big wave to my Cayman friends at Books And Books! XXXOOO PC
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