Hi Guys! You’ve made such awesome comments about my novella posts that Aura Dalian (my incredibly talented artist) and I decided that we would let YOU decide which illustration would be published in the opening chapter of KALONA’S FALL! So, the chapter tells the creation story of the House of Night world, as well as how Nyx, Kalona, and Erebus came into being. As you guys already know, Kalona is the son of the earth and the moon, and his brother, Erebus, is the son of the earth and the sun. To illustrate the story, Aura has personified the earth as a pregnant woman/goddess, with the sun and moon nearby. Remember, these are still unfinished drafts of what will become the final illustration for the novella (release date in July) – and the other will be published in the first House of Night coloring book (release date in May). Which version of Mother Earth do you like best for KALONA’S FALL? Can’t wait to tally your choices! XXXOOO PC
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