My writing space!

I'm finishing the fan Q&A part of the coloring book manuscript, and because there were several questions about how/where I write, I thought I would post a picture of my Tulsa office. I've been writing on a TreadDesk ( since 2009. I love my TreadDesk, and I wouldn't write any other way. Not only is it way better on my body than sitting in front of a computer, but the movement helps me focus and be more productive. I do prefer the TreadDesk over other treadmill desk models. I've tried LifeSpan desks, and not only are they more expensive, but they're too bulky and cumbersome. So, do I have a writing ritual? I suppose I do! TreadDesk, Superman, candles, and a Scottie dog or two… Back to writing for me! XXXOOO PC
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