Dear Readers, I challenge you! I challenge you to come up with the title of my new YA fantasy series! The victor will win a $250 gift certificate to Powell’s books (online shipping and ordering available worldwide), a signed, first edition copy of EARTH WALKER, the first book in the new series, and an exclusive Q and A with me! CONTEST BEGINS IMMEDIATELY, IS OPEN TO WORLDWIDE ENTRIES, AND WILL CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT, PST, WEDNESDAY, JULY 1ST! To enter, simply comment with your proposed series title
. You may post as many different titles as you'd like. Here’s a brief description of the series. Good luck! I can’t wait to read what you come up! XXXOOO PC The books are set in a time of rebirth. The modern world as we know it has completely self-destructed and those left behind have changed…evolved…bonding with the few plants and animals that have also survived. These people live simple lives in the forest and on the plains using the sun and the moon as their sources of power. They draw down the energy of day and night, and are fed, body and spirit, by the two opposites, and by the Earth herself. At the heart of the first book is a young female protagonist, born illegitimately of two enemy tribes. She has been hidden away her whole life until heartbreaking circumstances force her to find the courage to accept herself and her destiny. If this new realm of survivors are going to reclaim their humanity they must seek inventive solutions to rebuild themselves and their world while encountering adversity, love, and loss set against a stark background of breathtaking beauty that holds both life and death.
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