November Supermoon Discounts

This last Monday (Nov. 14th) was the most recent supermoon. The full moons of October, November, and December all take place when the moon is at its closest point of approach in its orbit around Earth. In celebration I grabbed some favorite crystals, goddess statue, etc, and some awesome friends for a supermoon ritual... with the help of my German Shepherd, Badge. Blessed be!

Therefore, I decided to offer some supermoon discounts at! Anyone who purchases MOON CHOSEN from today until December 1st will receive 15% off your copy of MOON CHOSEN! All you need to do is enter the promo code SUPERMOON when checking out and your copy of MOON CHOSEN will be 15% off!

Here's the deal plain and simple:

Promo code: SUPERMOON
Promo deadline: December 1st
Promo deal: 15% off a signed version MOON CHOSEN!

Just enter the promo code in at checkout and you'll get your discount!


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