My take on the Rio Olympics

I love the Olympics! I have since I was a little girl watching with my (high school) coach father as we cheered on Team USA. Summer - winter - doesn't matter. I love it all! I do have my favorites, though. Winter Olympics it's figure skating. I'm obsessed! Summer is more difficult to choose a favorite. I love track and field, diving, swimming, volleyball... the list goes on and on. But my most-loved is gymnastics! This year Team USA is spectacular! I'm so proud of them, and love love love watching. Out of all of our amazing Olympians (waving at Gabby Douglas and Laurie Hernandez), my absolute favorite this year is the incredible Simone Biles. Not only is she an immensely talented athlete who can defy gravity and perform feats that seem impossible, she does so with grace and poise beyond her years. I particularly appreciate her sense of fun (Mrs. Zac Efron indeed!) and the joy with which she lives her currently very public life. Well done, Simone! And well done Team USA! I heart you! 



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