New Moon Mirror Ritual

This Friday, September 30th, is the night of the new moon. The new moon is a powerful time for new beginnings. Too many of us carry around negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves that have been beaten into our consciousness by others, especially in this modern age of internet trolls and disturbing politics. This is a simple, but profound way to wipe away those negatives and begin anew.

Find a mirror that you can prop up (or hang) in front of you. On the night of the new moon, situate yourself so that as you look into the mirror it is reflecting the night sky behind you.

First, clean your mirror carefully. Look at yourself as you’re cleaning the mirror, and focus on any negatives you may think about yourself, or that others have said about you. As you clean the mirror, clean away those negatives by imaging that you are wiping them from your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Then get your brush or comb, and a favorite piece of fresh fruit. Example – a fresh, ripe peach. Sit before the clean mirror and slowly eat the piece of fruit as you comb your hair and gaze at your beautiful reflection. Savor the fruit, allowing its juicy sweetness to fill you with delight as you whisper to yourself over and over again with the strokes of the brush, “I am beautiful. I am smart. I am strong. I love myself. I deserve happiness.”

When you’ve finished your piece of fruit, write the words you have been reciting to yourself on a piece of paper* and place them on your mirror. Let the mirror remain there all night, soaking up the reviving energy of the powerful, life-altering new moon. The next day, place the mirror somewhere you can gaze into it daily, reminding yourself that you are beautiful – you are smart – you are strong – you love yourself, and you deserve happiness!

*You may write the words directly on the mirror!

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