Q: When will House of Night be a movie or TV series?

A: In 2011 Samuel Hadida at Davis Films (The Resident Evil movie franchise) purchased the option for the House of Night Series. Hadida hired an awesome screenwriter, Marc Haimes. Marc and I worked together on the treatment and then the script for either the first movie, or a pilot for a series. DAVIS FILMS HAS DONE NOTHING WITH IT. No, there is nothing I can do about this. Yes, their contract will, eventually, expire – in the fall of 2020. Until then, Kristin and I are waiting impatiently along with our fans for Hadida to do something – anything. I think you can imagine that we are even more frustrated than our fans by Davis Films and their lack of follow through. Please focus your frustration at Davis Films and Hadida, rather than at Kristin and me. Thank you.

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