This month has two full moons! So, we have a blue moon on the 31st and it also known as the wolf moon – so cool! This month is a perfect time to cleanse your crystals.  As you probably know, crystals absorb energy and intentions from the people and environment around them, and it’s a good idea to cleanse them regularly. My favorite way to cleanse my crystals is through the magickal light of the full moon – think of it as a bathing them in the full moon.


1)    During the day on the 31st of Jan collect all your crystals and rinse them off. Purified or filtered water is excellent. It’s even better if you live near the ocean and wash them off in salt water (rinse them in fresh water afterwards).

2)    While I’m rinsing them I like to play fun music and think happy thoughts, especially about each crystal. Example: As I rinse the big quartz crystal I bought in Ashland, OR, about a year ago, I think about how lovely that trip was, as well as the properties of quartz.

3)    Just before sunset place your cleansed crystals outside – on the ground or a natural surface is best (or in a windowsill that will catch the light of the moon if you can’t put them safely outside). Be sure not to put your crystals out in full sunlight. Several crystals, like amethyst and rose quartz, fade in sunlight.

4)    Using white sage, or your favorite smudge herb, smudge yourself and your crystals. As I smudge the crystals, I concentrate on letting go of all negatives, stress, old habits, etc.

5)    Leave the crystals out all night to soak up their magickal full moon bath!

6)    The next morning (Early! Remember not to leave them out in sunlight.) bring in your cleansed, recharged crystals. As you collect them and put them back in their proper places concentrate on infusing each with healing, positive intentions. Blessed be!